Managed.IT - issue 65

19 Aurora Managed Services named top accredited supplier on Charities Buying Group Framework CBG win for Aurora AWARDS because the UK is a large market structurally, but also because the rollout of Cyber Essentials, with its requirement for patch management, and increased governance in the NHS, including DNS security, has raised awareness about cybersecurity. Plans for 2024 So, what can UK customers expect from Heimdal in 2024? “We’ve got some very interesting new products coming out which will target the upper end of MSPs and open up new opportunities for lower MSP players,” said Kjaersgaard. “We'll be launching a privileged account and session management tool. Where an MSP operates servers for customers, typically you'd need an administrator account on that server to manage it. What this product gives you is the ability to launch sessions into those servers just in time, which eradicates the need to have those administrator accounts resident on those servers, which of course then elevates the security posture greatly. The session management piece will be the recording of those sessions for compliance purposes, storing them and so on. This is more commonplace in the upper parts of the MSP market where larger customers will have that type of requirement. Smaller customers will have the same need, but it's an unexplored part of the market today. That’ll be a very interesting launch that we're targeting to get out in early 2024. “Then we also have some RMM integrations that we're planning to launch in 2024. RMM is something every MSP uses that offers a level of communication with their customer base, so the ability to integrate cybersecurity with that type of customer-facing communication platform will be great as well.” World domination In the meantime, Kjaersgaard plans to keep growing Heimdal’s global footprint. “We have an internal saying that we want to have world domination. Maybe that's going a bit too far, but there’s no doubt that we want to take a big chunk of the US market, which I would say is well underway. The UK market is doing really well, and we now need to start focusing on those more central European markets, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) in particular, and then of course APAC (Asia and Pacific). In the next 10 years, building those markets out to be a big revenue stream for us will be absolutely key.” Fantastic people Kjaersgaard describes the journey so far, from local Danish vendor to global brand as ‘incredibly rewarding’, but picks the people who have accompanied him on that path as his greatest highlight of the last 10 years. “We've seen so many incredibly bright people come through Heimdal. Some have left, some have come back again, which I think speaks to the company culture and how we retain people and give them an opportunity to grow, which you wouldn't necessarily find anywhere else. So, if I was to highlight one thing it would be the fantastic young people we’ve seen come through, learning heaps and evolving their skill set. Just seeing people grow like that is tremendously rewarding.” You can learn more about Heimdal’s first 10 years at https:// Aurora Managed Services has been selected as the number one accredited supplier on the Charities Buying Group (CBG) framework, enabling it to offer a comprehensive range of managed services tailored for charities, not-for-profits and eligible public sector bodies. Established in 2002, the Charities Buying Group uses its collective purchasing power to negotiate competitive pricing for goods and services so that notfor-profit organisations can reduce operational costs and allocate more resources to their missions. Aurora Managed Services offers a variety of solutions including multifunctional devices and printers; print management software; audio-visual supplies and services; document storage and distribution; Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS); external printing; hybrid mail; mail management services; and scanning and archiving services. Richard Pole, Aurora's Enterprise Director of Sales, says the CBG framework has the potential to revolutionise print and digital transformation for charities and the public sector, highlighting the ability of managed services to enhance value and reduce expenditure. He added: "Aurora Managed Services is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to support these organisations in their digital transformation efforts. With our extensive portfolio and experience, we're poised to drive significant advancements in this space."