Managed.IT - issue 65

14 MFPS 01732 759725 Productive hybrid work environments Xerox has announced a collection of new solutions and services designed to accelerate digital transformation, productivity and security in the hybrid workplace, while saving time and reducing IT hassles. The launch of the new Xerox VersaLink C415/B415/C625/B625 and the Xerox VersaLink C620/ B620 completes a total refresh of its A4 printers and MFPs. The MFPs use machine learning to recognise common tasks and suggest more efficient processes, eliminating programming steps and saving valuable time. High-capacity scanning quickly turns hardcopy into digital files and initiates digital workflows. The Xerox Intelligent Filer scanning app leverages artificial intelligence to provide automatic categorisation, standardised naming structures and suggest filing locations that enables users to easily find filed documents in the right location with the right name. Xerox Workflow Central platform makes it easy to instantly transform paper and digital documents on any device including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and MFPs, automating the most tedious document centric tasks. The update adds three workflows along with an automation tool that reinforces hybrid work practices and security. New capabilities include: workflow automation, enabling users to create their own custom workflows to streamline everyday tasks based on conditional formatting that runs in the background when those conditions are met (e.g. if this, then that); Protect, which adds a protective wrapper around shared documents to track, restrict and even allow deletion when forwarded on to others; cloud-based send fax capabilities for hybrid workers; and convert to PDF functionality. Xerox MPS now includes cloudnative printer fleet maintenance and supplies management and adds automated driver deployment for any brand of printer. The latest developments are powered by the Xerox Workplace Cloud software platform which eliminates the need for onsite print servers and related costs and provides a zero footprint solution. This cloud-first approach is designed to meet the needs of any client, regardless of size. Fleet security management updates enable detection of suspicious activity for rapid incident response. Focus On: All the latest tech and none of the hassle Devices for Teams by Hardsoft is a new Device as a Service solution that enables businesses to enjoy the latest Windows and Apple devices without hassle, paperwork and unexpected expenses. Extending from pre-deployment support to end-of-life recycling, the flexible IT leasing solution features: a single monthly direct debit payment covering the latest devices, support, pre-deployment services, software and services; unlimited choice of devices – tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop – all configured to your specifications and shipped directly to team members; expert tech support from Hardsoft’s team of Apple Consultants Network members and Windows specialists; Boomerang device reprovisioning; and complementary services, including SafeGuard insurance, recycling, Carbon Offset, Shepherd MDM and Squirrel Backup. For added flexibility, customers have the freedom to return devices after 12 months without penalty. To find out more call 0207 1111 643 or visit Light production models Two new Pro Series MFPs from Sharp are designed to meet the evolving needs of on-demand light production printing. The new models, BP-90C80 and BP-90C70, offer a solution for entry-level light production printing at a reduced cost, with higher printing capabilities, high quality precise printing and improved productivity for heavier weight media. The next generation of printing systems bring together Sharp’s complete edge to edge full bleed printing capabilities with powerful Fiery digital front ends (DFEs), further extending the company’s ecosystem of smart office devices and services to meet the needs of any business. The Fiery Print Servers can be embedded into the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 or installed externally. By relying on the Fiery Server’s advanced processing and automated job preparation capabilities, the latest additions to the Sharp Pro Series offer advanced control for local and remote Mac and PC clients to edit, submit and preview jobs before printing without sacrificing speed. The new models offer increased productivity across a range of heavier paper weights, with engine speeds operating at 100% efficiency all the way up to 220gsm. The BP90C70 offers printing at 70/75 ppm colour/BW, with the BP-90C80 operating at 80/80 ppm colour/ BW. Additionally, full-bleed booklets and brochures are supported with optional trimming, stapling and hole punching, page insertion, and different folds. A range of paper types are also accounted for, with coated, uncoated and textured stock supported from the input tray through to a choice of finishing systems.