Managed.IT - Issue 63 29 ISE 2023 displays and tablets. There are currently around 4,500 installations of TEOS across Europe, including the full enterprise solution and TEOS Lite, an entry level version for SMBs. Another solution highlighted by Dover is Sony’s Edge Analytics appliance or ‘magic box solution’ as he calls it. This provides a variety of capabilities for more impactful and informative presentations, including handwriting extraction technology, which ensures that text written on a board is visible and not obscured by the presenter even when they are standing right in front of it, and a Chromakey-less CG Overlay feature (like a green screen) for the high impact presentation of supporting materials. At ISE, Sony was demonstrating Edge Analytics in conjunction with its new AI-powered PTZ cameras, the SRG A40 and the SRG A12. Auto-tracking keeps the presenter centre-screen at all times, ensuring remote participants don’t lose sight of them as they move around. Partnerships As well as developing its own solutions, Sony is partnering with a growing number of third parties to enable them to run their solutions natively on the system-on-a-chip (SoC) platform embedded within Sony hardware. Among examples being highlighted by Sony were Kramer BRAINware cloud-based control and space management software, which can be used to control each individual element within a meeting room, including Bravia displays and Sony projectors; and, on the content management side, a new partnership with signageOS that makes it easier for all digital signage content management system (CMS) providers to deploy their solutions on Sony displays without the need for additional hardware, such as an external media player. TEOS Complementing its Bravia displays, Sony has a broad ecosystem of solutions, including the TEOS suite of workplace management tools (available in on-premise and cloud versions). “TEOS is an AV over IP control monitoring solution that gives visibility of network devices in one central location. Instead of having to turn on everything in the morning and spend 45 minutes walking around checking there aren’t any problems, TEOS gives you a quick view of the status of meeting rooms. If the traffic light identification signal is red, your facilities or AV manager can go to the meeting room or location in question and fix the problem. “Within that workspace solution we also have room booking, TEOS Book; we have TEOS Reception, which is a virtual reception solution that can act as a standalone virtual reception solution or complement an existing setup; we've got signage and wayfinding; and we have TEOS Meet that lets you book services, such as catering, from the meeting invite.” Soon, Sony will also be adding support for sensors and IoT devices bringing more automation to the working environment. TEOS works natively with all Sony technology and Sony also provides TEOS players, which enable third party devices to work natively with TEOS. This means that customers can upgrade their workspace management solution to TEOS and keep their existing and depth of Sony’s offering as a major attraction. “I think we have the most comprehensive size line-up of all manufacturers. We have a 32in 4k right the way up to a 100in 4k and across that we have two different ranges. Our professional range is the BZ series and within that we have our BZ30 line-up and our highend BZ40 line-up. BZ30s are IPS panels and their wider viewing angle makes them more suitable for retail and signage, whereas the BZ40 is more of a meeting room solution because you're generally going to be sitting front and centre and will want slightly higher brightness.” Other selling points of Sony Bravia displays are their picture quality; warranties (return to base or swap-out options, with three-year cover as standard and the option to buy a two-year extension); service & support; and time-saving installation tools, like the new Bravia Supervisor app which remotely configures displays as soon as they are connected to the network. “When an installer gets 20 screens for setup, they can upload the serial numbers and individual configurations in their Bravia Supervisor GUI and then, as soon as those devices are connected to the network, they are automatically configured whether that's for a meeting room, where you might only want the Bravia Meeting Room solution and the HDMI to be accessible, or a simple signage configuration, where the display is completely locked down.” Instead of having to turn on everything in the morning and spend 45 minutes walking around checking there aren’t any problems, TEOS gives you a quick view of the status of meeting rooms