Managed.IT - Issue 63

26 01732 759725 ISE 2023 body language of participants when content is being shown. Considering that 70% of communication is non-verbal, this is a considerable drawback and one of the reasons why during the pandemic Barco’s annual meeting barometer swung sharply from positive (+63) to negative (-38), which is roughly where it remains today (-32%). Hybrid workers surveyed by ClickShare are equally frustrated by technical problems, with 60% complaining about malfunctioning equipment, connectivity issues and the difficulty of booking meeting rooms. ClickShare Marketing Director Yannic Laleeuwe says ClickShare helps overcome these problems by enabling workers to wirelessly connect their own laptop to ClickShare Conference and start a meeting on any video collaboration platform, using the ClickShare app or the ClickShare button. “For the last two years, people working from home have got used to starting everything on their laptop and then they come into the office and suddenly have to start using meeting room equipment, and because every meeting room is different people get frustrated. That’s the strength of ClickShare; you can carry on starting meetings from your own laptop,” she said. The 2nd generation Originally developed to enable people to present from their laptop screen at the click of a button, in 2020 ClickShare Conference was enhanced with the ability to join a Zoom/Teams/Webex conference call with one click and simultaneously share content with remote participants and the meeting room display. The CX-50 2nd generation, essentially a hub connecting meeting room peripherals like the camera, microphone and screen, builds on this core proposition and extends ClickShare Conference’s reach into large meeting rooms kitted out with premium AV equipment through three major enhancements: q Dual-screen support for sideby-side room displays, so you can share content on two attached screens or share content on one screen and display the faces of remote participants on the other, giving you the benefit of nonverbal communication and making everyone feel more involved; w Wireless sharing and native interoperability with fixed room systems, like Microsoft Teams Room (MTR). Users can start a meeting on their own device or on the tablet of a room-centric MTR solution, and switch between the two, with the CX-50 2nd generation automatically switching the camera and speakerphone from the room system to the user’s laptop; e Wired room dock, with single USB-C cable connectivity between the presenter’s laptop and ClickShare unit. Where high quality video and higher framerate video is used, for example in content creation applications, users can now present native 4K content without having to worry about the strength of the wireless connection. Other enhancements include greater sustainability – the CX-50 2nd generation will be one of the industry’s first carbon-neutral accredited meeting solutions – and improved visibility and monitoring via ClickShare’s XMS cloud management platform. More collaboration, less frustration Huge immersive projections covering every surface, like the artworks reproduced on the Panasonic and Epson stands, provided that all-important wow factor at ISE 2023 in Barcelona on January 31 to February 3. For content creators and broadcast professionals, production studios that reduce barriers to entry and offer shorter lead times and lower costs were equally impactful, while continuing advances in display technologies, from see-through screens to zeroenergy options, ensured there was something of interest on virtually every stand. Developments in collaboration technology may not have the appeal of these more eye-catching innovations but there is no doubting their significance for the hybrid workplace. ClickShare by Barco has been at the forefront of collaboration technology for meeting rooms for the last 11 years and with circa 50% market share is the clear market leader in the wireless meeting category. It enjoyed double-digit sales growth last year driven by the ‘return to office’ and the rise of video-enabled hybrid meetings. This year, it is anticipating further growth of 20% fuelled by sales of its CX-50 2nd generation collaboration hub, as customers address the challenges of hybrid meetings and the lack of equity between all participants. According to ClickShare’s own research, remote participants often feel at a disadvantage in hybrid meetings: one in three says they find it difficult to speak up and six out of 10 have trouble attracting attention. The same proportion believe hybrid meetings are less effective because it is difficult to capture the facial expressions and ClickShare launches 2nd generation CX-50