Managed.IT - Issue 63

14 SCANNING 01732 759725 With Matt Hill, Vice President, Sales - UK, Ireland & Nordics at Kofax automation solution which provides a unified interface to manage business processes end-to-end through a cloud-native platform. The acquisition of Printix in 2021 added cloud-based print management capabilities to the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform bringing new opportunities for customers to migrate legacy on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. The cloud continues to empower Kofax document automation and security solutions, creating new flexible services that reduce the typical back-office burden that comes with running an on-premise infrastructure. MIT: In today’s mobile-first world, businesses have fast-tracked their digital transformation to meet the changing needs of a distributed workforce. Is modernising print now a key priority for cloudfirst organisations? How do you manage the security of a cloudfirst model? MH: There has been a definite surge in cloud adoption as a result of the pandemic. Resistance to change took a back seat as companies worldwide rapidly moved core applications to the cloud to achieve the scalability, agility and flexibility they needed to conduct business as usual in the most unusual of circumstances. The cloud is an important enabling technology that underpins an organisation’s digital transformation journey and there is no doubt that cloud-based print infrastructure is the future for modern organisations. With Printix 2.0, Kofax is delivering everything an organisation needs to modernise print and document management in today’s digital-driven environment. Printix enables businesses to easily deploy, automate and maintain the print and capture piece of their digital transformation, to save both time and money, and that’s a real business value-add. Kofax document automation and security helps automate print processes while protecting the data in scanned and printed documents from accidental or deliberate exposure using authentication, encryption, auditable history and industryspecific compliance requirements. In addition, integrating content-aware print and capture technology through Controlsuite helps our customers transform the flow and understanding of captured and printed information and documents. Security is just one of the advantages of combining Printix and Controlsuite. Not all customers are in a position to move to cloud print management today. However, they may want to start their transition in midcontract, while incurring minimal cost. Our Modern Agile Print (MAP) Strategy allows customers to transition naturally to cloud, providing a hybrid step where they realise the best of both worlds. Timing is in their control, in line with their innovation needs and ongoing requirements. MIT: Kofax pledged to continue to market, develop, support and increase investments in the Printix business when it announced the acquisition in 2021. The launch of Printix 2.0 delivers on this promise. Tell us a bit more about that. MH: Printix is a true cloud-native print management service which provides customers with an easy Kofax has built a comprehensive solutions offering to help organisations digitally transform content-intensive workflows using its Intelligent Automation platform. Now, with the launch of an industry-first integrated print and capture solution, Printix 2.0, the company is helping organisations transform their print and scan processes. In this Q&A, Matt Hill, Vice President, Sales - UK, Ireland & Nordics, shares more details about the latest edition of the company’s cloud print management SaaS offering. ManagedIT (MIT): Kofax has earned a strong reputation as a credible automation platform. In the past couple of years, you have significantly strengthened your cloud portfolio, adding content management software and solutions as well as cloud-based print management capabilities. Cloud adoption has obviously grown exponentially as a result of the pandemic, is this where the business’ focus lies? Matt Hill (MH): Kofax has a long heritage in capture, digital workflow transformation and in cloud. We identified the opportunity in cloud quite some time ago and almost four years ago launched TotalAgility Cloud, a SaaS version of our market-leading capture and Q&A Matt Hill