Managed.IT - issue 58

12 01732 759725 COVID-SECURE A selection of new products, apps and services for a more Covid-secure workplace Safer Working Portable scanner The product of a £3 million investment to develop temperature-check products for the NHS, the Thermavis Multi- Person Thermal Scanner from managed IT services provider Transputec reads the skin temperature of up to six people at once. The portable, smartphone-sized camera comes with a tablet computer and can be linked to any Windows machine, allowing multiple monitoring points, remote access, cloud connectivity and shareable screens. Guided by the light To help employees keep their distance and stay healthy when they return to work, lighting specialist Signify has introduced new functionality to the smartphone apps it has developed for its Interact connected lighting system. The Interact Office ‘Space management’ app, which monitors occupancy levels using data collected from the lighting system, can now be used to set occupancy limits and identify high-traffic areas that will need to be cleaned more frequently. The Interact Office ‘Workplace’ app uses Visible Light Communication and Bluetooth-Low-Energy technology in ceiling luminaires to guide employees to areas of a building where occupancy is at acceptable levels and where they can book a desk. Stay alert One of a number of very similar social distancing wearables now on the market, the eqWave from Equivital alerts personnel if they move within two metres of a colleague. Because the alerting distance is configurable, it can also be set to 1 metre plus in line with new Government guidelines. Based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio and Bluetooth technology, the device offers 360-degree coverage and alerts the wearer via a bright LED and haptic vibration as soon as there is an infringement. The device is complemented by an eqWave partner app, which provides ‘over the air’ firmware updates and access to new features such as contact tracing, and an API for integration with third party solutions. Hand stand Vision has designed a hand sanitiser bottle holder for its floor and desktop touchscreen stands so that users in offices, schools and retail can disinfect their hands before touching the screen or moving cables. The product fits Vision’s F-10, F-30 and F-40 stands, as well as wall mounts and freestanding display mounts. Customisable PPE kits Online portal ‘Where The Trade Buys’ has introduced a series of single use PPE kits containing two three- ply disposable face masks, two hand sanitiser sachets and one pair of disposable latex gloves. Suitable for re-sale, including via vending machines, the packs can be ordered with specific logos or branding on the outside, making them a useful marketing tool for businesses to hand out to customers or returning workers. Prices start at £92.72 (ex VAT) for a pack of 50 kits. Smarter workspace management Smartway2 has added Covid- safe workplace functionality to its cloud-based workplace scheduling technology, which also shows enterprises precisely how their meeting rooms, desks and other resources are being utilised. New functionality includes: n social distancing and sanitation checks. When someone books a desk in Smartway2, all desks within a specified radius are automatically taken out of service. After the desk has been vacated, it cannot be booked again until it has been sanitised, with fully automated desk/room sign-off and release procedures. Digital desk displays indicate whether a workstation is available, awaiting cleaning or out of service. n contact tracing reports. If someone falls ill, Smartway2 can identify colleagues that have been in close proximity to the infected person; n ‘low Covid risk’ self- certification and management approval for employees who want to return to the office; and n employee surveys. When someone books resources, Smartway2 lets you ask them questions to gauge employee sentiment across multiple areas.