Managed.IT - issue 52

For customers that have significant scanning, demands require production models that are not just fast but deliver high-quality scanning performance. The imageFORMULA DR-G2 Series is perfect for any demanding document-processing environment. Productivity Optimised for companies where the scanner is constantly in use, the DR-G2 Series is ultra-fast, outputting up to 280 images per minute. It also boasts fast start-up speeds. Innovation No more hard-to-read scans due to light text and wrinkled paper. Active Thresholding automatically compensates for deficiencies to deliver high quality scanned images Reliable and versatile feeding Scan mixed documents together with pages being reliably fed into the scanner Network connectivity and integration DR-G2110 and DR-G2140 models can connect directly to the network via a wired LAN connection. The scanners include ISIS/TWAIN/WIA and Kofax VRS Drivers supporting integration into various scanning applications. ULTRA-FAST, HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTION SCANNERS For more details visit: DR-G2090 DR-G2110 DR-G2140 LAN Connectivity Superior image quality Ultra-Fast Scanner Durable Highly efficient CaptureOnTouch PRO