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Published January 18, 2008 at 1:29 pm · Filed under Fax / MFP

Sustainable business products and services

Online mapping specialist Multimap and Carbon Clear have joined forces to make it easy for business travellers to identify the carbon footprint of specific journeys. In addition to route maps, Multimap’s travel directions service includes a pull-down menu that allows users to see the carbon footprint of a car journey and compare it to that of taking a bus or train.

BT has launched a carbon impact assessment service to help large corporates and public sector organisations reduce their energy consumption. BT’s newly formed Global Services sustainability practice will calculate the carbon footprint of a business’s activities and recommend steps that can be taken to reduce CO2 emissions.


Carbon Trust has introduced a free lighting guide for businesses. The guide offers advice on how to reduce lighting bills, which account for 40% of businesses’ total electricity consumption. The new guide (CTV021) can be downloaded for free at, which matches individuals travelling in the same direction so that they can cycle to work together, has announced that its members have collectively cycled more than 2 million miles since the service was set up by liftshare last summer.

The Business Link website now includes extensive advice on how businesses can gain bottom line benefits by tackling environmental issues. Visit to find out more.

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