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UK prints pile 8,000 miles high!

Published January 16, 2008 at 11:21 pm · Filed under Fax / MFP

British office workers are responsible for printing up to 120 billion pages every year, or the equivalent of a printing stack 8,000 miles high, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

In common with other print surveys, the research paints a picture of careless, unregulated printing, with almost one in 10 workers (8%) admitting to printing emails before they’ve even read them. More than half (53%) have printed the same document several times by mistake, and more than four out of 10 (43%) have mistakenly picked up someone else’s print-out.

Two-thirds (64%) of office workers say their companies have no printing policy in place to advise them on what documents they should or should not print. This is despite the fact that one in three (33%) workers said that they would change their printing behaviour if their company had a policy in place.

Every working day, the average office worker prints 22 pages. Reasons for doing so include the need to share documents with others (41%); to comply with company rules (35%); to review on paper (31%); to keep hard copies for personal files (19%); to read while travelling (12%); and to make revisions to hard copies for secretaries to correct (7%).

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